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February 8, 2011

Just the brothers of Khalid

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Translated by Mohsen K. Rahjerdi 

Not Mubarak mummy
Not Omar Suleiman alive
Even not Elbaradei the Muslim
Who may tomorrow compromise with USA
Just the brothers of Khalid Islambouli
Only the lovers of Khomeini
just people’s empty hands
just the book of God
And the Godly promises…
Robert Gates bull shits; alone
And the white house renders announcements for its scepter Auntie the Britain’s queen
Even the heads of intrigue in Iran
brothers of BBC’s green movement
analyze alone
Mr. Obama
‘s gone crazy
-Mubarak to be?
-Mubarak to go?
-goes at this very moment…
This very moment means last night for BBC
This very moment means tonight for civil mobs
under the shadow of tanks in the streets
This very moment means Mubarak backers on jeans made in Israel
Riding on Arab camels and horses
There is a Jamal war in Qahira streets
check mate
Mister Presi Dent
You’re 30 years late!
Only brothers to Khalid Islambouli
None thinks about you tonight
Now it’s midnight
Exactly 12 mid night for Americans
12 midnight for BBC
12 mid night for Iranian intriguers
Who they want to replace Mubarak with Assad
Wondering how to render an announcement tomorrow
Only brothers of Khalid Islambouli know what I mean
Now the News
Tell of a stunt-puppet called Mubarak
A stunt-puppet you were from the beginning
Before anyone doubts if you are alive
In June of 2004
In India poor dead people
Are turned into powder by electrocution
Poor people of Egypt also
Turned you to powder in Al Tahrir square
now your puppet carcass is left in the street
 Hollywood stunts now
Are planning
-He must go now…
Now means last night
And the burned pawns of intrigue
Are choosing your successor

And now have found Elbaradei
And Israeli Colts and French Knives
With American Tanks and British spies in the streets
Someone should gather the ashes of this puppet and pour it in the Nile
Someone should clean Berlusconi’s forehead off sweat using a dancer’s sleep gown
He should give a speech
Someone should send condolences to Merkhel or
give a paper tissue to king of Arabia
Someone should make a bitter coffee for Bin Ali
Someone should help Obama; he is dizzy
He just gave a speech right at this very moment
This very moment means last night
Last night means 30 years go
Now brothers of Khalid
Have crashed BBC radios
Have perished camels and Israeli jeans
And are
Singing together the song of victory
This very moment is exactly the hour
Of the dawn of victory
And is the day of farewell to dictators… 



February 5, 2011

New Middle East is emerging

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حضور مردم در روزهاي پيروزي انقلاب


پاره كردن تصاوير حسني مبارك توسط تظاهركنندگان در مصر

 مبارك در كنار قذافي، صالح و بن علي

These days, the anniversary of Islamic Revolution in Iran. The Iranian revolution from a strong ally to America and Western governments turned a country that in the thirty-two years is required to balance the world – that America was a benefit – to both calls. With eight years of the thirty-two year war with Iraq in the past, but has been able to pass Iran sanctions and the prosperity of science today is a model for other nations.

 Anniversary of Islamic Revolution in Iran has coincided with the revolution, the Egyptian people. America in the past few years has spoken of a new Middle East, now placed in circumstances that are its allies will lose. I’m sure you will win people’s revolution in Egypt, turn Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and … Will be well. America must accept that the balance of power is tied together. Muslim nations have to be awake …

May 14, 2010

There are no independent media

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  Believe that something called “independent media” is very difficult.  World public opinion by the media are conducted.  This is a theory but a theory is verifiable. 

 Robert Murdoch; he is an ordinary rich. Robert Murdoch an Australian origin is the American capitalist.  But he is different all-American Investment bookmarks.  He is the owner of a giant;HERCUL the course of my light is not magic.  Currently, most media assets Murdoch,  News Corporation giant that nine different kinds of media in 6 different areas to inform.  Currently, these companies own more than 130 newspapers in the world.  An example of a production company, an English newspaper with circulation sun is more than 5 million copies per day is released. Murdoch before it enters the market in Europe and America,  News Corporation 60 deaths in the decade in Australia and founded the first step toward progress and development in 1969, buying newspapers News of the world and the sun and in the middle of the New York Post Julian took the 70.  He intended to accede to a small magic box, satellite television and cable network SKYTV in 80 launches.  He also owner of 64 percent of TV star shares that its center is located in Hong Kong.  Clear strategy of the network to help conquer the heavens satellite communications in a wide range of Japan to Turkey has so far managed a major part of large markets in China and Japan tried.  Currently, five major TV channels including BBCworld the same satellite network for the Middle East and East Asia are broadcast.  In 1985 he purchased half the shares of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, the distribution of more than 3000 films were the owner. Two years later, in 1987 Fox TV Fox institution established so far superior to the fourth TV network in the United States, after ABC and CBS and MSNBC …  And one watched the television news networks in the world has become. Thus, Murdoch now owned more than 30 television stations in the United States and about half the TVs at home to feed America. His publications in the owner’s written 40 best-selling magazine, and the United States since 1987, most major publishers of America (Harprandrav) that now (Harprkalynz) (Harpercallins) is renamed, the assets have been added Murdoch.  But in recent years, Robert Murdoch highly profitable industry, satellite TV has been especially interested in live coverage of sporting events such as football and basketball from these networks, has large investments.   range of people to such programs and the ability to maneuver on the character of popular players and private issues they can pocket profitability this year will descend Murdoch.  With these words, Murdoch is one of the people in this world, only their dollar assets and land and factories and commercial enterprises can not. Murdoch, one of these Mlyardrhay today that will be owner’s mind and thinking people.

 Although Murdoch is trying to hide his Jewish roots, but about its explicit support for extremist right-wing Zionists, such as Benjamin Netanyahu and Ariel Sharon is not hiding anything. George Pathak, New York Governor once said: “No newspaper in the United States than New York Post (Murdoch owned), is not supportive of Israel.” Murdoch in a number of important organizations in Israel for a special respect for him Qaylnd, is active. These organizations that Lori Sylvrastyn, Frank Levy (Czechoslovakia-born former Israeli commandos) and Louis M.. Ayznbrg they have important positions, including league Zdaftra Union Jewish Appeal and the Jewish Museum in New York – Memorial Centre Adam furnace fire victims – has.  Sam In general, a veteran journalist in the Middle East Times Magazine (one of Rupert Murdoch Press property) has written about Murdoch: Murdoch’s friend is close to Ariel Sharon.Overall has continued: “Murdoch friendship with Israeli Prime Minister who led officers on daily number of important publication to overwrite.  Murdoch executives from the work lest they cause his unhappiness is fear.  Once I was successful with the prosecution and photograph the Israeli military unit that Muhammad Aldvrh, 12-year-old Palestinian boy killed, I prepared a short news hot. 12year-old child death scene in the film were recorded and the symbolic image of the military conflict between Israelis and Palestinians became, but I was asked in a private conversation that article without a reference to the death of Palestinian children to prepare and present.  After that conversation, speaking mouth was dry and I had to leave their jobs. “On October 15, 1982, a month after the massacre of thousands of Palestinian refugees at Sabra and Shatila camps in Beirut (war crimes which directly Sharon took command) with Israeli Defense Minister Rupert Murdoch and others formed a meeting.  That these reports aim of this session, increasing real estate occupied West Bank, he has been.  Meeting with Sharon on a tour trip travel to see the Golan Heights region, the West Bank and prosperous Jewish from the sky, riding the Israeli armed helicopters, for Murdoch and his editors from New York and London, was accompanied.  Murdoch in the event raising funds for the Jewish Museum – Center Adam furnace fire victims memorial April 29 – 2001: “I always believed that Israel and the future goals of the international community have to favor the Jews.”

By the way, however, how can something called independent media to believe?

April 30, 2010

Media do not have choice

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 Dr hasan khojasteh, ten years has been head of Iran’s state radio. So his understanding of functions and missions to the media. His world media news production process and for being a news-based demands and goals of administrators, said: news producers in the world is too costly. News now about five international institutions in the West produce. What matters is does not care. Economic crisis in America from Iran and Iraq elections and the nuclear issue of Korean and … All for a few institutions, such as “CNN”, “Associated Press”, “BBC” produce and make the whole world! What is this? That is true that you can use two thousand satellite channels, but you do not have a choice. In fact, my only access is easier. 
Khojasteh also says: Some say the owner Nzraha imperialism is news, but I want to go further because I believed that we entered age, “Zhyvmdya” have been. You know that political literature to have a term called “Geopolitics”, ie the elements of geographical, political, economic and … Important decisions that effect you are, in the era of “Zhyvmdya” The media have a direct impact of global important decisions.

Mishaps that when big media articulation, articulation smaller structure also affect, such that the way they get ahead.

For example, Hollywood and Bollywood films makes the film is produced, but now with other Bollywood movies Hollywood makes cultural model. In Hinduism there is a type of dance as part of their religion church music., But whether that includes Hindi films now dance rituals and culture? Not. Because the cultural context of Hollywood is that it is true that Bollywood produces, but cheap it is produced to promote culture. Other commercial Hindi films right now is spent. Egypt The film is produced if the same cultural framework.

 Dr khojasteh also believes that: Perhaps because of the weak East, instead of facing the media knowledge of this cultural Hjmh West, too, takes steps to promote Western culture. But other than that our cinema east through the West know? How the West in the films show a clear and lovely, even in films do not feel corruption organizations have, even if a film institutional corruption for the show is that the system itself to give clear and clean look.  But little criticism in the West? Where you see and hear? Do not cover …

Retire Barking Mister Crack Obama

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In their eyes still, a Niger you are

Still, Neo-Nazis


And fair gorellied

Are seeking your murder

Though you ranked first on Times

And second on ABC

I’ll sit there waiting in ICU for you to rank third

Every night you assault on our intelligence

On nuclear infrastructure of our feelings

Just like bluff kids who keep shooting air guns

Atari and lottery kids

you won a lotto

Provided that you

 chatge on

The enriched uranium of our poems

Every day you take pictures with your advisers

Take a Clone bath with your dog

And think that the world

Is just waiting for you to bullshit

And you have every right

To win a Nobel Prize for your dog

You presume

Iran is waiting for Nowrooz

Staring to “Haft sin” set

No mister polici-dent!

Even with your Nowrooz greetings undelivered

No one perishes of none democracy

In my eyes you are

something in the size of an empty conserve can

that I like to kick you

And tell hey yoe!

You just deserve to be shot-off

You are so off

And I was so naive

That thought you’d do some shit

You just can say good night to your dog and tell you wife:

 Oh Darling shake hands not with Berlusconi

He is a pimp

No one is there to tell you that

Gradually, your ears have turned to radars

Your noise branched out as Pinokio

When you were in a base in Baghdad

Your eyes turned to a mixture of 20 per cent Uranium and a little raspberry

When you were giving a lecture against the Iranians’ rights

Now your teeth are like F28

Day by day you are growing more

So much that no more


Or the people of Obama Island

No more pour into streets for you victory

You have evolved to a ball gum

In the mouth of Jerusalem children

Maybe Jeremiah Wright was right

That you have unseen Political AIDS

Even those gathering in Chicago’s Grand Park in the evenings


He was a carrot which had an inverted growth

A left handed Catch-wrestler

opponent to a woman

Hit a chair on her head

Then put the chair under her corps

robbed the belt, and left

to give a lecture in favor of united States

Every day you have a show

With Oprah Winfrey and your advocate Rock band

You gave the Jerusalem to the sluts behind the White House

Iran though, is not for sale

Hey, Yoe!

Hit the road and get lost

I wish your anthropologist mother has told you that

Iranians may blind you

By Sundis straws

Your grandma may has told you

Not to bark on Persians

Mister Barak Hussein Obama

By the way, out of which barracks

Did you still this name?

Of which Ibn Sa’d’s registrar office

You got this name?

Iranian children, here, write compositions like this:

He is not with us

He is not with you

He is with no one

He is no one at all

He disgraced the color Black

disgraced the White House

And Uncle Tom’s Cabin

He looks not like Nelson Mandela

He’s returning from doping cocaine and his mind is fogy

He is coming from Camp David

That is why I believe that you

Look like an empty mushroom can

Casted out by

Apaches and Chaparrals

Cowboys of fifties and sixties

You are from where

Our poet says:

“it sucks the fresh out of African flowers and shrubs

It sucks all wine out of Asian flowers

A city which is like a honey bees have

High in the sky

And the relish of Dollar

One day

Under which Summer heat

Thwarts down your wax

You hoary harlot?”

Hey Yoe!

Drank of Coke milk and enriched crack

You the forty-fourth botcher!

Fifth left-handed dumb of White House…You ain’t no shit

Mister Crak Obama!

poem by: alirezah ghazveh

April 23, 2010

No better than Zimbabwe?

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President Ahmadinejad has gone to Zimbabwe. Is then also go to Uganda. Countries do not play a role too in global decision-making, and perhaps not at all do not come into account. This morning, the news agencies and newspapers in English language, look, I somehow Hobbyhorsely had to deal with this trip.

 Even in Iran for some time, one question is why, instead of not expanding our relations with countries like the United States, Britain, France and the whole of Western developed countries with the most backward countries are our relations. Why can Hugo Chavez once every few months to come to Iran? Why our friendly relations with Latin America, we make?

 In response to these questions should be dialogue on Iran’s ruling regime threw again. Iran’s Islamic Revolution would boot method is new in international politics. Imam Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, over and over again on the support of the oppressed and deprived peoples of the world is emphasized. Dialogue with the Iranian revolution will not discourse is dominated by Western Development.  Because if the attunement was against the puppet regime of the West did not revolution.

Peace and justice for all people in the shadow of monolithic way is the slogan of the Iranian revolution.

April 14, 2010

You can pleace us and we pleace you

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Human are all affection. This is not in doubt. A soldier is ordered to the military mission in Iraq or Afghanistan to go and who killed him will have both affection. The military a few hundred miles away from their home country to another country and is sure his family is concerned.  When the father of a family are killed in countries like Afghanistan or Iraq, bread your family will lose. Why should children be killed? Perhaps in answer to say: These are accessories to war without blood and war is not imagined. Nearly five thousand American troops since the invasion of Iraq by America and its allies have been killed. And several hundred thousand Iraqi terrorist bombings and attack the occupying forces have been killed This is a disaster.

I and other compatriots from Mtnfrym al. We do not like Al Qaeda. They do not even know a Muslim.  But the invaders as we hate it.  We do not like the soil of our country one day Hmzyr foot soldiers getting stranger.

If you are what you did instead of us?   This also remember that our President Obama to threaten nuclear attack.

April 8, 2010

Few frames from Lebnon

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Lebanon is a strange country. Land of the Prophets that numerous steps have struck it.  His fea ture because there are trees and green Lebanese flags mark the middle is pine. Different ethnicities that live in: Arabic, Assyrian, Syriac, Armenian, and even Jewish. Lebanon after leaving under colonial domination France in 1943 CE and acquiring independence, the country consists of a single ethnicity, but with the complexity of religious structure, in which many followers of religion, including large Christians, Maronites and Orthodox, Sunni and Shi’ite Muslims live together and  The majority of Muslims enjoy more. Latest statistics from the Lebanese people have been religious, according to the year 1932 that forty percent of the people of Christian (mainly Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant large sum of) thirty percent Shiite and Sunni, and twenty-five percent of Druze and 1% 5. 7% no religion or are other religions.

After the independence of Lebanon, according to the agreement It concluded with the French authorities for many years into the distribution of power based on religious principles and Religious, who was appointed president and commander in chief to provide Christians Maronites, the prime minister Sunni Muslim authority, parliament president Shiite Muslim religious authority and the Army General Staff directorate is to provide Drvzyha  This structure has always been observed so far. 
 Beirut, the Lebanese capital before independence During the colonial rule of France’s most banal, most Western, and have the most decadent ways Contemporary life in the Middle East and the Middle East known as the Garden was a prostitute and nightclubs , unemployment, poverty, backwardness, ignorance and ineptitude of many social problems and complications  From the colonial era were as “legacy” for the government and especially the Western Astargran. Lebanon after the nation achieved independence instead stayed on. و Because the border with Lebanon and Palestine Israel, after independence, always at the height of battle and the Arab-Israeli conflict And front-line ethnic and religious conflict is considered the Middle East. 
At the time of independence of Lebanon, a French colonial Other legacy for the country were leaving and it disputes and violence tribe. Was Distributed into national political power after independence of Lebanon, as do poor Had political differences and conflicts between tribes and the country there are many religions, in addition to The direct effect of Arab-Israeli conflict internal political situation in Lebanon and destabilize the tense. Was made and the community in a long insurgency had gone down. 
Among the followers of all religions, Shia were the poorest and most oppress. So that in Lebanon, Imam Musa Sadr was entered. His actions did not try Fq Tha among Shiites, but among all people, destroyed Lebanon. His efforts were successful as many Shia gradually to a nearly ideal situation would be that in April 1975 (Julian) armed men on the church in East Beirut opened fire from party founder Pierre Gemayel assassination in Lebanon to Falanzh. Of course He survived, but this would cause Sv’qsd set of countermeasures that eventually the 15-year civil war in Lebanon led.

 New war was all that Imam Musa Sadr in August 31, 1978, was kidnapped on a trip to Libya. Main accused of kidnapping Imam Musa Sadr, Libyan leader is Gaddafi.

But what is important is that today, despite political differences in Lebanon, Hezbollah is not only the Shia of Lebanon, but most people are interested.  Thirty-three-day 2005 war that led to the victory of Hezbollah, was the symbol of this popularity.

Hello, Mrs. Clinton

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 I am a young twenty-two years old I am Iranian. Sorry to take time by.

 Your country and our country are the enemy of each other. A not be denied. Of course it is not got every single country, our people are your enemy and vice versa. If you hate ask why certain issues such as embassy staff hostage in America and if you will refer this question Mabprsnd response issues, such as involvement in the coup against Mossadegh, the Iranian nation distraint in your country, interference Nojeh coup, helping the Iraqi war with Iran and … We’ll say.

 But Mrs. Clinton; We are a nation that once had one of the few great civilizations were born. We are a nation that we were in the shadow of the teachings of Islam reached the peaks of knowledge, but we have neglected for some time and several hundred years that this neglect to pay compensation. From Masrman tell you: two centuries that the king is ruling Iran that property in our nation and they ruin their fun by giving different privileges to foreigners, including English on their own, adding convenience and people living in difficult said. Moreover, beliefs and convictions of people knew little value and it did not work. People of our country to revolution. Theoretical concepts were revolutionary for their faith to bring action scenes. Revolution to the king to Prince to stop them from their country.

 But your country is not only the way we fight alone, but through various stopped in front of our nation.

By the way Mrs. Clinton! . Your events after the presidential elections in Iran are all well aware. So perhaps seem that you and the United States didnot play a role in these events, but your country’s annual budget row that the Senate passes it, the money Yklany for Iran’s ruling regime’s opponents can devote.

 Anywhere in the world that is war and internal conflict is, when we see a good analysis of where you have interference; in Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Venezuela, and …

 Mrs. Clinton, because not leave nations to determine their own destiny?

These are not new words, and I know that. But I dont  know why It is interesting that in countries where the benefits you provide in the context of democracy bitter events happening in your country, but two political groups (three groups that can not be!) Why are not plotting against each other, never against do they work? Please do not say that our country is deep-rooted democracy.

 I hope someday to reach that peace everywhere and among all nations will attend. That day is not too late.

 Hamed Khosrowshahi Iran.

April 3, 2010

How the BBC is run?

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 Introduction: the Iranians do not trust the BBC. This problem is rooted in the modern history of Iran and starts since the 1954 coup against the nationalist government of Mohammad Mosaddeq firms played a role in BBC radio and BBC language code information sent to the Shah of Iran was ousted. “How to run the BBC” was the topic of a seminar group of British Studies, School of International Studies, Tehran University held it.


 In this session, Dr. Shokrkhah referring to the emergence of history told the BBC: The Occurrence History on BBC Two particular importance is the one formed in 1922 when Great Britain is the primary distribution company and converting it to other broadcasting firms in Great Britain 1927 that the local and global services in several different areas is.

 Member of British Studies, School of World Studies, said: BBC broadcasting the world’s largest enterprise so that only the World Service at 1200 hours in the week program is generated.
 Shokrkhah doctor sayed that the organization based media giant known as the Royal Charter Royal Charter that established the period of reform and it is applied to the current charter governing the BBC who come as the eighth charter in 2007 Trim and 2016 based on the BBC is run.
 Iranian journalist with experience in explaining the structure and methods of administration office told the BBC: BBC Charter ago based on the two levels is run that the first level 12-member committee, called “BBC Trust” is on It oversees activities and provide a second level consisting of 16 member executive committee that BBC executive management strategies based on the “BBC Trust” is responsible.
He also two documents, “notes the financial” and “distribution agreement” also pointed out that the BBC World Service and British Foreign Ministry (FCO) has signed
 He mentioned that part of the costs through the BBC is funded and subscription costs of the BBC World Service provides the British government, quoting Nigel Chapman, Director BBC World Service in the years 2004 to 2008, said: government British elements, “where” and “how” the media intrudes activities but that these media in determining “what” should be to produce no interference.
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